The Author

A sudden, catastrophic, near-death experience in 1997 pushed Jim precipitously and unceremoniously into the challenging world of the disabled.

The next several years were a series of dead-ends, and Jim felt trapped with the identity that is bestowed when someone is “put on disability.”

Through the on-going challenges of complex partial seizures, congenital aortic heart valve defect, and congestive heart failure Jim slowly learned to climb back into life by viewing himself and the world in entirely new ways, and his life has transformed into new expressions of creativity.

In his thirty years experience working as therapist, college instructor and rehabilitation counselor, Jim has worked with the needs of many diverse groups, from troubled youth and families at risk, to blue collar workers, educators and medical professionals.

Jim’s gift to others is his direct experiences transiting deep crisis to achieve the richness and wholeness available to each one of us, regardless of our circumstances. Jim teaches that we do not need to struggle or almost die to derive the ways and means for realizing greater peace and equanimity in our own life.