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Breast Cancer Diagnosis – Laurie’s Story

Since she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, Laurie has come to see her world from a new and expanded vantage. To start with, she told me how she got past her fears: I learned that I needed to stop being consumed by cancer fears and move on to other things. I had a…

Transforming Crisis Into New Gifts of Life

Their stories of crisis point the way: People are creating lives of well-being, even transformation, in the midst of catastrophe. In his new book, Crisis to Creation: Our Power of Choice, author/counselor Jim Macartney offers a paradigm shifting perspective and essential tools to open opportunities for growth and healing inherent within any crisis. Building on observations…

e-book in the ether

Counting the moments until all the bugs in the e-book are overcome, and I can shout it out from the mountaintop. Soon!

Barnes & Noble? Third Place? Your Local Favorite?

Checked at the bookstore today. Crisis to Creation does not show in their computer yet, and likely will take a week before it gets into the system so they can start ordering books. Can’t wait to see it after all these years! –Jim